Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another doctor's check up

I went to the doctor again today for my next check-up, and I got to hear the heartbeat again! Oh, what a wonderful and magical little thump, thump, thump it is! The doctor said the heart rate was at 160, which was healthy, and that it sounded strong and great. Oh, it sounded great to me, too, doc!

I hadn't known what to expect for this appointment, but it was pretty simple: weigh in (I feel like I'm on Weight Watchers now!), pee in a cup, and listen to the belly with the dopplar. I met with a different doctor today, but he was great and nice too. I'm pretty happy with Heritage so far (even though I think reception could be a little more pleasant, but whatever).

On another little update, I've been driving the truck pretty much every day since Jason's foot is now in a hard cast. He had his stitches out, and the hard cast gives him even less mobility, so I'm doing the best I can with the stick shift. I just don't think the truck likes me, but the feeling is pretty much mutual, and at least we're putting up with each other now. Since that day stuck on Jesse Jewell, stalled 4 times in a row in front of the McDonalds with people passing on both sides we haven't had an interaction like that again, and more or less the truck just rumbles and grumbles and jerks but does what I want it to. Only in getting started, especially on hills, does it give me any trouble, so I guess I'm giving in to it a little. Which, regardless of how reticent I am, is progress. :)

I'm starting to show just a little bit, but I don't think anyone would really notice unless they knew I was pregnant. One of my girlfriends at work mentioned that I'm starting to get a little belly now, and actually I don't mind hearing that! My dear friend gave me some of her maternity clothes last night, and I am so excited to have something else to wear!

I'm going to have Jason take a picture of me sometime this weekend so we can watch the belly grow, because now it's definitely growing. I don't remember seeing pics of my mom when she was pregnant with me, so think it might be fun to show our little one some day. I'm so pleased with our little baby and his/her progress so far, and really looking forward to the rest of this experience!

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  1. Oh, YAY!!! I'm soooo excited to hear about the heart beat and the wiggling of the babe!!! :) Praise the Lord he or she is growing so steadily and well!!! I can't wait to see the belly picture... (it is a cute little baby belly, btw)