Monday, April 19, 2010

2nd Trimester!

Hurrah for the 2nd trimester! Hurrah!

Baby and I officially entered the 2nd trimester on Friday (April 16). And, amazingly, not too much has changed since then! Although, I am definitely growing! Jason finally took that pic of my growing belly, which admittedly seems bigger to me than it looks on camera. So we'll see how long it takes to get that pic posted. :)

With mom's help, I found a contraption called the "Belly Band", which helps hold up pre-prego pants, and Jason and I had a massive laundry day, so all of a sudden it seems that some of my wardrobe angst has been relieved. I still don't think you'd be able to tell I'm showing unless you knew I was pregnant, and particularly on Mondays and Wednesdays at work I try to conceal my little baby bump... I'll get enough commentary from probation clients soon enough. But my friends and mom have all been able to see a difference, and I suppose it'll be so all the more now that we're 2nd trimester-ing! (I hear that the growth really takes off now!)

I am as weight conscious as ever, but can't seem to quit eating, either. I read about, and would like to try to follow, a pound a week weight gain between here and full term. I think I'll feel better with less weight to carry around, and of course the recovery will be easier. But sometimes chili cheese fries are just more than I can resist! I'm hoping to be a little more active now that I'm feeling more energetic, and will hopefully begin taking Max on more walks, and getting into that pre-pregnancy yoga DVD I had more often. I'm floating around 125-126 this week (and observed a pound and a half weight gain from yesterday to today), so we'll just operate on averages, and say I'm doing alright so far. :)

Baby really is in the mood for margaritas and red wine, but for the time being I've been able to sate him/her by semi-constant snacking. I feel like my guilty pleasure has probably been more caffeine than I really need or would like to consume, so I'll try to get control of that too. I have been sleeping a bit better in spite of the caffeine, save the Jackie Chan burglary heist I came up with in my dreams last night, so basically, I'm just enjoying this time! Besides, it's Springtime, it's beautiful weather, and even flowers and vegetables are blooming! I told Jason a few times over the weekend, I just feel happy. Nothing in particular I'm happy about, but it's just an overwhelming feeling of "everything is okay"-ness, and hopefully Baby is feeling the same.

I'll say it again, hurrah for the 2nd trimester! :)

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