Monday, April 19, 2010

2nd Trimester!

Hurrah for the 2nd trimester! Hurrah!

Baby and I officially entered the 2nd trimester on Friday (April 16). And, amazingly, not too much has changed since then! Although, I am definitely growing! Jason finally took that pic of my growing belly, which admittedly seems bigger to me than it looks on camera. So we'll see how long it takes to get that pic posted. :)

With mom's help, I found a contraption called the "Belly Band", which helps hold up pre-prego pants, and Jason and I had a massive laundry day, so all of a sudden it seems that some of my wardrobe angst has been relieved. I still don't think you'd be able to tell I'm showing unless you knew I was pregnant, and particularly on Mondays and Wednesdays at work I try to conceal my little baby bump... I'll get enough commentary from probation clients soon enough. But my friends and mom have all been able to see a difference, and I suppose it'll be so all the more now that we're 2nd trimester-ing! (I hear that the growth really takes off now!)

I am as weight conscious as ever, but can't seem to quit eating, either. I read about, and would like to try to follow, a pound a week weight gain between here and full term. I think I'll feel better with less weight to carry around, and of course the recovery will be easier. But sometimes chili cheese fries are just more than I can resist! I'm hoping to be a little more active now that I'm feeling more energetic, and will hopefully begin taking Max on more walks, and getting into that pre-pregnancy yoga DVD I had more often. I'm floating around 125-126 this week (and observed a pound and a half weight gain from yesterday to today), so we'll just operate on averages, and say I'm doing alright so far. :)

Baby really is in the mood for margaritas and red wine, but for the time being I've been able to sate him/her by semi-constant snacking. I feel like my guilty pleasure has probably been more caffeine than I really need or would like to consume, so I'll try to get control of that too. I have been sleeping a bit better in spite of the caffeine, save the Jackie Chan burglary heist I came up with in my dreams last night, so basically, I'm just enjoying this time! Besides, it's Springtime, it's beautiful weather, and even flowers and vegetables are blooming! I told Jason a few times over the weekend, I just feel happy. Nothing in particular I'm happy about, but it's just an overwhelming feeling of "everything is okay"-ness, and hopefully Baby is feeling the same.

I'll say it again, hurrah for the 2nd trimester! :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pregnancy Nutrition--it's like fuzzy math

Examples of completely balanced meals (per my 4th grade instruction of the Food Pyramid, which I understand has been changed since then, but I’m operating from the 4 basic food groups):

Tacos: whole grain shell, taco meat, lettuce and tomato, and cheese (easily converted to be burrito or wrap)

Supreme Pizza: pizza crust (even better if whole grain), tomato sauce and veggie toppings, pepperoni or other meat toppings, and cheese

Homemade enchiladas: tortilla (even better if whole grain), chicken, veggie filling (i.e. ro-tel), topped w/ cheese (optional addition: whole grain brown rice)

Chips and salsa: tortilla chips (whole grain), salsa, bean and cheese dip

Spaghetti and meatballs: spaghetti (even better if whole grain), marinera sauce, meatballs, topped w/ cheese

Cheeseburger: hamburger bun (even better if whole grain), lettuce and tomato, beef patty, cheese

Mixed salad: salad veggies, tuna or boiled egg, shredded cheese, and handful of nuts

Lasagne: noodles (even better if whole grain), meat, egg cooked in, tomato sauce, ricotta cheese

Hoagie/Sub sandwich: sandwich roll (even better if whole grain), deli meat (properly heated), sandwich veggies, sliced cheese

Meatball sub: sandwich roll (even better if whole grain), meatballs, tomato/marinera sauce, topped w/ cheese

Mom's fabulous no bake cheesecake dessert: pastry crust with nuts (even better if whole grain flour), cream cheese/whipped topping mix, topped with fruit (canned or fresh)

And those are all ideas for single dishes that include all 4 food groups! (And yum, yum, yum! I love it that half these ideas are for Mexican food or pizza!) :) Here's where it pays off that we need all the nutrition, but have to pack in a few extra calories! This is closed case in my mind: I've already made a mental note saying "healthy" beside all these meals in my head--at least for the next 6 months!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another doctor's check up

I went to the doctor again today for my next check-up, and I got to hear the heartbeat again! Oh, what a wonderful and magical little thump, thump, thump it is! The doctor said the heart rate was at 160, which was healthy, and that it sounded strong and great. Oh, it sounded great to me, too, doc!

I hadn't known what to expect for this appointment, but it was pretty simple: weigh in (I feel like I'm on Weight Watchers now!), pee in a cup, and listen to the belly with the dopplar. I met with a different doctor today, but he was great and nice too. I'm pretty happy with Heritage so far (even though I think reception could be a little more pleasant, but whatever).

On another little update, I've been driving the truck pretty much every day since Jason's foot is now in a hard cast. He had his stitches out, and the hard cast gives him even less mobility, so I'm doing the best I can with the stick shift. I just don't think the truck likes me, but the feeling is pretty much mutual, and at least we're putting up with each other now. Since that day stuck on Jesse Jewell, stalled 4 times in a row in front of the McDonalds with people passing on both sides we haven't had an interaction like that again, and more or less the truck just rumbles and grumbles and jerks but does what I want it to. Only in getting started, especially on hills, does it give me any trouble, so I guess I'm giving in to it a little. Which, regardless of how reticent I am, is progress. :)

I'm starting to show just a little bit, but I don't think anyone would really notice unless they knew I was pregnant. One of my girlfriends at work mentioned that I'm starting to get a little belly now, and actually I don't mind hearing that! My dear friend gave me some of her maternity clothes last night, and I am so excited to have something else to wear!

I'm going to have Jason take a picture of me sometime this weekend so we can watch the belly grow, because now it's definitely growing. I don't remember seeing pics of my mom when she was pregnant with me, so think it might be fun to show our little one some day. I'm so pleased with our little baby and his/her progress so far, and really looking forward to the rest of this experience!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Third letter to my baby

My dear child,
I'm in week 12 with you now, and from what I'm reading, you're getting bigger and bigger! I hear that you're about the size of a lime now, and I saw a "scale" picture of what you might look like in one of the pregnancy books I've got, and it's just so amazing to think how big and developed you are already! Granted by the time you can read these letters, it'll be amazing to us both to think of you as that small, but since right now you're just growing and growing inside me, it seems like an amazing feat!

You should never doubt that you're ours, that we love you, and that we want you. I love being able to dream about you growing, but I'll admit it's hard for me to imagine what might come next, both in this pregnancy, and in our lives together. I have to tell you, my mother is one of the sweetest ladies that I know, and one of the most precious relationships in my life. And it's crazy to think that I'm going to be that mama to someone else now. I think about the relationship that my mom has with her own mother, and how I love that, and even though I'm not that close to my Grandma myself, because of the great love my mom has for her, I always want to honor and love and respect that bond. And I think about the fun and the love and the bond that my own mother and I share, and I feel so lucky to be a part of this precious legacy of relationships. And so I hope that we'll be able to have that kind of relationship too. I don't know where it starts, because there's this whole thing of being a good mom and raising you well, and also of loving you well, and then of building a strong relationship. I guess I just want to say that I know we'll both make mistakes, but I will always be your mama, and I'll always love you.

I've had 2 dreams about you so far: I dreamt one night that I could feel you moving around in my belly, but when I woke up I laid really still to see if I could and I think it's just too early. And in the second dream, I dreamt that you were a boy! I can't wait to find out, not because boy or girl is important to me, but just because I want to know as much as I can about you, and to get to know you and who you might be already!

At times your dad and I have expressed that a lifetime isn't long enough to love each other enough, and I feel that way with you as well. Because I don't really know what I'm getting into with caring for a baby, I certainly don't want to rush things, but just so you know, I am so looking forward to finding out who you might be.

Lots of love,