Thursday, March 18, 2010

Things I'm craving:

Maternity Yoga DVD
Heating Pad
(Who said it's all about food cravings?)

Names we like:

For a boy:
Caedmon--"Wise Warrior." I have no idea what Caedmon's Call is all about... maybe we ought to check them out first. But so far this name is our frontrunner.
Ryker--derivitave of Richard. Kind of trendy, and I think I like it more than Jason does. But Richard means "Brave Ruler." Kind of cool. I have seen where Ryker on its own means "Becoming rich", which isn't a bad thing to wish on your child, but maybe not necessarily how I'm trying to label them.
Uriah--"God is my light", and famous for Bathsheba's warrior husband that King David had killed. Jason suggested this one a long time ago. I hated it at first, but we've talked about it so long it sounds normal and cool to me now. Maybe we'd call him Uri. I might have a hard time letting this name go for something more normal sounding! :)
Samson--because a strong name is important. I don't think either of us are really committed to this name. But somehow it made the list.
Bryant--Maybe for a middle name. Jason's mom's maiden name.

For a girl:
Adria--"Person from hadria (region in Italy)" In honor of the time we spent in Bosnia and that region of the world, and where Jason and I really fell in love.
Evangeline--"Messenger of Good News." Because what a life calling for a little person, and because it's cool as hell
Eleanor--Meaning unknown on this one. I don't like that too much. But we like this name b/c we like the old fashioned sounding names.
Ariel--Jason likes this one, means "Lion of God", but I'm not sure I can get past the Little Mermaid. :)
Holland--maybe for a middle name. It's my mom's maiden name, and would be in honor of that branch of the fam.

I like names that mean something significant; I feel like I'm going to gift my child with that identity somehow. So I want to like the meaning of it, first of all, and we want to stay away from anything in the top 10, or even top 100. I just don't want our kids in the class with 3 other kids with the same name. And, I like the classic sounding names. Easier to come up with cool classic sounding girl names than boy names, cause I'm really not feeling any names that make me feel like I'm talking about an old man. :) Anyway, we're really just compiling the list, so we'll see which direction it grows in.


  1. Andy and I took a vote, and our favorites are Samson and Eleanor. Andy says you could call her Nelly King. I like all the options guys are going to have a pretty cool kid.

  2. LOVE the older sounding name idea... Also love Uriah and Caedmon... great choices :) -- love the meanings of all of them though.. very cool