Saturday, March 13, 2010

Second letter to my baby

My dear child,
Your Daddy and I got to go to the doctor's this morning and see your first sonogram. You're growing in my belly. I think you must be about an inch big, and you've already got little arms and legs forming, along with all the rest of your systems! Before we knew it, the sonogram tech had your picture on the screen, and just like a miracle, we could see you! It was indescribable to be able to practically see inside my belly, but it looked like you have a good place to grow, and I'm so happy about that. We also got to hear your little heartbeat for the first time. It was such an amazing and happy sound! It sounded like this: "ka-chung, ka-chung, ka-chung", strong and fast! I think you must be a very strong baby already, because you were wiggling around, and your heartbeat is around 180, which the tech said was very good. As soon as I saw the picture and heard the sound of your heartbeat, I started to get happy tears in my eyes, and your Daddy said the same thing happened to him. He said the sight of you broke his heart (but he meant that in a very good way!)

We're both very excited to have you in our lives, and that you're growing very well. We're both proud of you, and we both love you so much. Sometimes Daddy will put his ear on my belly to see if he can hear you in there (which he never can), but then he'll tell you that he loves you. I hope somehow you can hear him!

We started telling our friends about you today, too, and they were all so excited for us, and excited to get to meet you. Keep growing strong and healthy, and I'll do my best to take care of you as you're growing. I love you!



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