Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pregnancy, weeks 7, 8, and 9

I like to think that if I were to be pregnant again in the future (I know, one at a time, and I've got to get through this one!), I could look back on this little blog and remember what my experience was like this first time, and so freak out less the second time around. Although I have to say, in general, I'm not really freaking about much. In general I'm feeling really positive, and I'm just trying to stay as healthy as I can and to focus on how I can feel as good as I can! I saw our little wiggly baby move and heard the heartbeat, and unless I start having cramping and bleeding, I'm going to remember that healthy and happy little wiggle. And I know every woman is different, and every pregnancy is different, but it seems valuable to me to remember the experiences I'm having now.

Week 7 may have been the worst week so far. I started to feel "pregnancy symptoms" in week 6, but they got worse in week 7. Mom and I had planned a quick trip to Ohio to visit my grandma, so we flew out on one of the only flights that got out of Atlanta during the "March Blizzard of 2010" (not to be confused with the January or February Blizzard--who can believe we had snow in GA all 3 mos? Global warming, anyone?). Anyway, we spent a lot of time waiting in the airport for our flight to finally get out, spent a pretty uncomfortable but uneventful flight up to Dayton, and then had a great visit with my Grandma and Uncle Len. (Incidentally, I wasn't sure what to expect from her, since I haven't seen her in years, and not since the alzheimers has taken over her mind a bit more, but she recognized me, and understood the news when I told her I was going to have a baby and she was going to be a great-grandmother over again, and she just acted like a child, but a sweet and endearing child.) However, by the time we got to the hotel that night, I was absolutely ready to drop, I was so terribly exhausted. Whenever we got to the next place (terminal gate, airplane, rental car, Grandma and Len's, etc), I'd just try an find a place to sit and not move. But besides the traveling, my stomach was unsettled pretty much the whole week, enough to be pretty uncomfortable, but not to make me sick, and I had some trouble sleeping during this week.

However, I must have picked something up on the flight on the way home, because that Wednesday night I ended up sick every hour on the hour for about 12 hours. DEFINITELY not pregnancy related, but the internet and the doctor said that kind of thing doesn't usually cross over to the baby. But anyway, the rest of week 7 was spent trying to recooperate, get settled, and regain some strength.

Week 8 definitely seemed better than week 7, but because of the sickness, anything would have seemed better! However, my stomach finally did seem to settle some, and besides being super-exhausted at work on Monday and Wednesday (our busy reporting days), I began to think I might be feeling better.

And besides, at the end of week 8 is when we got to see our baby! That'll make you feel better and forget the discomforts for sure!

But by week 9 (my current week), I feel like I can definitely say I'm on an upswing. I'm grateful I never had any serious nausea or digestion problems due to morning (or afternoon or evening) sickness, but I am glad to be feeling stronger, more settled, a little more energetic, and to be sleeping better.

The new norm is waking up to pee (already, are you kidding?), but I have been falling right back to sleep, gratefully. For weeks 6-8 I really liked to have a little snack (granola bar, crackers, etc) before getting up in the mornings, and eating small regular snacks throughout the day helped to keep me energized and keep my empty stomach from really getting queasy. If it was possible, I liked to take a little cat-nap during the day to get me through. And usually, in the mornings once I had something in my system and started moving around I began to feel more normal.

However, I am still feeling pretty tired and lazy, and the daylight savings change hasn't helped me get up this week at all. So here I am on a Wednesday night at 9:30, in the middle of week 9--and I think I'm going to call it a night!

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