Saturday, March 13, 2010

6 weeks pregnant

So here's the thing about being 6 weeks pregnant. You've actually only been pregnant for 4 weeks! It has literally taken me weeks to get it straight--wait, how many weeks pregnant am I now? LMC: 1/8/10, Date of Conception: 1/22/10, Weeks Pregnant: square root of an apple, carry the 14... 6 weeks. Don't ask me why.

Things are starting to sink in a little more now that my body is changing, but so far it's not all that pleasant, so I haven't really started developing those warm baby feelings yet.

My chest is bigger, which Jason likes, but to me it just feels like they're swollen. (And let's be honest, going from size "A" to a size "A-plus" still really doesn't qualify you for Victoria's Secret.) No food aversions, but I feel queasy pretty much all the time. (The little trick about eating a snack before you roll out of bed in the mornings really is priceless.) And I am exhausted all the time! I wouldn't go quite so far as to say I feel like I've been hit by a mack truck, but, well, you get the idea.

I haven't gained any weight yet, which I'm happy about, but I'm not really worried about it either... I know it'll come, and I want for me and this little'un to both just be healthy and feel good. I think he (she? it? I just can't call it an "it"!) is already forming his (or her) heart and nervous system! It's amazing to think of the things that are happening inside right now! Grow strong little guy, and don't worry--Mommy's taking care of it!

Gotta go take a nap.


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