Saturday, March 13, 2010

2-5-10 Finding out

We woke up the morning of the 5th, the morning of Jason's 30th birthday, before the alarm clock went off, and spent a few rare moments talking before we had to get up. Jason put his arms around me and actually said, "I hope you have a baby in there." I remembered the pregnancy test I had in the bathroom, and told him we could find out right then!

So morning snuggle be darned, next thing I know I was peeing on a stick, and we just looked at each other while we waited for something to happen. Slowly, we saw 2 pink lines, one dark, and one much fainter. 2 pink lines?! What does that mean?! And what does it mean when one is darker than the other?!

Neither of us jumped to any conclusions that morning, but the seed was planted, and for the first time I let myself think it, "I'm pregnant!"

I had already planned to work a half day that day because of Jason's birthday party that night, so I stopped and bought another test on the way home. I couldn't wait for him to get home from school, so took this one by myself, and there was nothing ambiguous about it: Pregnant.


After waiting for my heart rate to return to normal, I rushed to wrap the stick up in some Superman wrapping paper, and waited for Jason to get home. He found the little present on the counter and started opening it, and I could tell he had no idea... but when he opened it and saw the word written there his eyes shot up to mine--"We're really pregnant?" His face was so happy and excited, and I hope I never forget that look. And then we both started shouting and he jumped up and down and I started to cry.

We're pregnant!

**By the way, I feel as though I ought to clarify that the test was clean, and the only dirty part of it had been capped back off!**



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