Saturday, March 13, 2010

2-11-10 Telling Jason's Parents

I went to take an official test at the doctor's office today, and the results were confirmed. As I sat in the little lab technician's chair, she casually looked at the results and told me, "your test is positive, and that gives you a due date of... October 13." She didn't even look at me when she said it, she was so casual, but it was just as well, because if she'd have looked she'd have seen that I was crying again. It's just so big and so powerful, and all of a sudden so real and we even have a due date! I know she probably goes through the same routine any number of times a week, but this is a first for me, this is a big deal for me. I hoped she knew they were happy tears!

That night we went to have dinner with Jason's parents. We'd decided to wait to tell people until we were a little farther along, but surely that didn't include family! After all, if something did happen, we'd need them. So once we were done with dinner and sitting around the table relaxing, Jason baited his parents: "so are you guys ready?"

"We were born ready!" his dad answered. "Uh, ready for what?"

"Are you ready to be grandparents?"

Both their eyes snapped onto me, and all of a sudden I was crying again! "It's true", I said, "I went to the doctor today, and we're due in October!"

In typical King fashion, his dad, grinning, started pumping his fist in the air and said the same thing he said during our wedding toast--"Y'all just made my day!" And his mom, also grinning and face lit up, although ever the worrier, added, "you just better start saving now!"

We enjoyed the rest of the evening talking about when Ann was pregnant with Jason, and wondering what life would be like with a little one. It may not have been a storybook scripted response, nothing eloquent or profound was said, but I think it was perfect for tonight.

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